Values Integration In Industrial Education

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Values Integration
Values are things, Persons ideas or goals which are important to life anything which enables life to be understood evaluated and directed values are the ideas and Principles by which man live. According to Edgar Sheffild Brightman’s Personalities Value theory Value means whatever is actually liked. Prized esteemed desired approved or enjoyed at any time it. is the actual experience of enjoying a desired object or activity, hence value is an existing realization of desire. Value is also defined as “something’’ that is chosen from alternatives and acted upon and enhances creative integration and development of human Personality. Values are caught not caught one learner values the way children learn many things from as the
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It is an educative experience that develops physically, mentally, morally and spiritually, effective members of the family. It strongly emphasized knowledge bases skill-based technological based and value based. It focuses on the importance of family where life begins where activities start and where family values and attitudes emanate Values education finds practical application in Industrial education the adoption of value - based framework in teaching the subjects will enable the teacher to uphold its fundamental goal as an academic discipline and to pursue its mission to become the primary vehicle for values education in the school as it was intended be when it first established (Bautista. 2000) According to Aquino (1974) instruction is the stimulation, direction and guidance learning by organizing the environment and experiences o that the most effective learning by organizing the environment and experiences so that the most effective learning takes place. Proper direction and coordination go hand in…show more content…
Let there be justice, freedom let there be peace and let it begin with me”

Isidro (1969) contends that an effective measure to ensure educational success or improvement is to consider that the teacher is the center of the learning process the teacher is the ultimate agent f education and in him rests the success and failure of the school
Hawley (1991) suggested on how teachers can teach basic values such as love, trust interdependence dignity and joy as survival skills were given stressing the need to shift from a competitive decisive value system to a cooperative unifying one according to him school can and should play a significant role in creating opportunities in which students may practice and acquire skills in those values they hold. The ultimate goal of education according to him is to help students achieve ‘social self-
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