Values Of Individualism In Canada

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The values that are the most important to individualism are rule of law, and self interest. Though I am still growing in my values and beliefs as a male citizen in Canada I believe that rule of law is the most important to individualism because everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Way back a long time ago people were ranked based on who their parents were. A good example of that would be the feudal system or the term we would call feudalism. The feudal system is a ranking system that has the King/Queen on the top and the peasants at the bottom. You did not have a choice whether or not you wanted to be a peasant(commoner) or you wanted to be one of the royals. Another example I've be giving is when we humans were still discovering the aspect of communication we only knew our family and maybe that was it.…show more content…
Many countries and areas went into utter and total chaos due to realizing that they did not have the same rights or equal rights like the next person. Before the french revolution people just did what they were supposed to for hundred of years, it was until they realized that Hey! maybe I don't want to blindly follow this guy that is wearing the crown or that Hey! he shouldn't be allowed to do that. Rule of law exists because its meant for us to have a connection (maybe not a strong one like culture or interests) but a connection never the less. Rule of law is essentially the shared values of a people. Rule of law also means that no matter who you are Prime Minister, richest man/woman on the planet, or the most famous person alive the law is no different and that is where the whole concept of justice is blind comes

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