Love Is A Mix Tape Character Analysis

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Throughout the book, “Love is a Mix Tape” the author, Rob Sheffield proves that there are many values of music beyond entertainment, and you can find some of the values that music has beyond entertainment just by reading the book. Rob learns many of these values indirectly by what happens to him throughout his life, and in this book. The main values that he brought up were that music does not just entertain people. It can cause many different emotions, many new friendships to occur, many new relationships form, and it can bring back many memories from the past. Music can cause someone to feel happy, and at the same time it has the power to make someone extremely somber. You can see this occurring to Rob throughout the entire book in many different occasions. For example in the chapter titled “Crazy Feeling” Rob states, “I knew I would have to relearn how to listen to music, and that …show more content…

This has most likely happened to everyone at some point in their life. I know that there are certain songs that remind me of memories I have when I used to play baseball years ago, or even my early years at high school and junior high school. In this book Rob doesn’t specifically hint at this happening, but as I was reading there was a moment in the chapter “Personics” where Rob says, “Renée’s dad played a few songs, including a sad song about the coal mines he’d written for his father and one called “Itty Bitty Girl” that he wrote for Renée when she was a baby” (75). During this moment in the book, Rob is with Renée and her family and they are singing songs together that they are trying to remember. This goes back to the fact that music has the power and meaning to bring someone back to when they first heard the song, or when they were writing the song. Music clearly can make people remember certain things that they would have otherwise forgotten

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