Values Of Music In Rob Sheffield's Love Is A Mix Tape

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Throughout the book, “Love is a Mix Tape” the author, Rob Sheffield proves that there are many values of music beyond entertainment, and you can find some of the values that music has beyond entertainment just by reading the book. Rob learns many of these values indirectly by what happens to him throughout his life, and in this book. The main values that he brought up were that music does not just entertain people. It can cause many different emotions, many new friendships to occur, many new relationships form, and it can bring back many memories from the past. Music can cause someone to feel happy, and at the same time it has the power to make someone extremely somber. You can see this occurring to Rob throughout the entire book in many different occasions. For example in the chapter titled “Crazy Feeling” Rob states, “I knew I would have to relearn how to listen to music, and that some of the music we’d loved together I’d never be able to hear again. Every time I started to cry…” (149). Rob says this after Renée passed away, and he is in the car trying to find any music to listen to at all. It is clear that the song “He Stopped Loving Her Today” overwhelms him with sadness due to what has recently happened in his life. Rob starts to tear up and think more about the sadness of his life without Renée in it anymore, and the reality that Renée isn’t actually there anymore. He talks about having a problem believing that she is gone, but the music he listens to kind of makes

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