Values Of Organizational Culture

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An organization culture is the set of shared values and norms that control organizational member’s interactions with each other and with people outside the organization. Organizational cultures are used to increase organization effectiveness because organization culture controls the way members make decisions and the way they interpret and manage organizational environment. An organization’s culture thus consists of the end states that the organization seeks to achieve (its terminal values) and the modes of behavior the organization encourages (its instrumental values). Organizational culture is based on the values embodied in organizational norms, rules, SOPs and goals. People in the organization draw on these cultural values in their actions…show more content…
The distribution of property rights has a direct effect on the values that shape employee behavior and motivate organizational members. Attempts to limit employee benefits and reduce their rights to receive and use resources can often result in hostility and high turnover. The distribution of property rights to different stakeholders determines: (1) how effective an organization is and (2) the culture that emerges in the organization. Different property rights systems promote the development of different cultures because they influence people’s expectations about how people should behave and what they expect from their actions. Changing the property rights system changes the corporate culture by changing the instrumental values that motivate and coordinate employees. Co-ordination is achieved by teams of employees who value co-operation and are motivated by the proposed sharing of the value created by the new work system. To create a certain kind of culture, the organization needs to create a certain kind of property rights system. In part, organizational culture reflects the values that emerge as a result of an organization’s property rights system. Some of the property rights that the organization provides to its employees…show more content…
An organization’s structure can promote cultural values that foster integration and co-ordination. Whether a company is centralized or decentralized also leads to the development of different kinds of cultural values. Organizational structure affects the cultural values that guide organizational members as they perform their activities. In turn, culture improves the way structure co-ordinates and motivates organizational resources to help and organization achieve its goals. As the organization structure for the IT Operations division is tall it creates some issues within the division with regards to communication between sub-units and other divisions and also transfer of ideas and working on getting approvals is a slow process. To counter these issues the organization making use of various integration

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