Vampire Phenomenon Research Paper

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Nearly all cultures from every corner of the world has knowledge of the unexplained deeply rooted in their history. Whether simple movie monsters or deep cultural beliefs, humans have had a deep unexplained connection with the world of the supernatural. This connection has played an active role in shaping the history and beliefs of most if not all cultures at some point and continues to do so today if only at smaller scale. In modern times, paranormal phenomenon has become the umbrella term to describe anything that does not fit into the confines of the natural world or lacks scientific evidence. Although the legitimacy of paranormal phenomenon has always been a highly controversial topic, an open mind to both sides of the research is needed…show more content…
Just as with the vampire, the modern werewolf is depicted as attractive, powerful, and romanticized part of fantasy thanks to film industry. In the past werewolves were seen the unseen dangers of the night that preyed on livestock, young children, men, and women as well as preform many other evil deeds. Several people were accused of having the ability to take the form of a wolf and partaking in cannibalistic tendencies. Consequently, the accused were killed and the bodies burned and sometimes doused with holy…show more content…
These causes vary case by case and depending on the type of activity involved. A haunting, for example, usually involves the common aspects of ghost sightings or unexplained activity and is usually thought to be caused by a trapped or malevolent spirit. Some religions blame unnatural incidents on the work of an evil spirit or demon that actively works to harm humans of their faith or destroy them. One theory generally associated with UFOS and extraterrestrial encounters is that alien creatures have always existed alongside humans since ancient times and as humans advance more contact is
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