Vampires And Vampireses Revealed In Howell's Editha

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Howell’s Editha is about a woman who is obsessed with war. She wants her fiancé George, to go to the war so he can prove his love for her. George winds up going to the war and getting killed. Before, she knew he would accept her offer, she wrote a letter to break up with him and she put it in a show box. When she got the news she went to his mother’s house, and kept her promise to him to take care of her. But when she got there, Editha had no idea that George’s mother had read the letter she put into the box of things she gave George, and she retaliated against Editha. Lieber’s The girl with the hungry eyes is about a model that has some vampire like abilities. She never smiles but people say that she has a strange hunger in her eyes. One day she just magically appears at a studio with a photographer to take her picture and out of nowhere clients want to start working with her. One-day different people start to come up dead with bites or signs of a struggle. The photographer got suspicious and one…show more content…
Not all vampires have to bite you. I’m pretty sure all vampires like blood, but they all don’t have to bite you. Some vampires can use their sex appeal to capture or lure you. For instance, the model in this story never had to bite a victim to kill them. This story also tells that a woman’s charm is also very dangerous. The model never had to gain or work for the attention of the men in this story, but she still managed to make them go crazy over her. She used her skills to charm her way to the top. The devil comes in different forms. I say this because, the model really was convincing in the story, just like the snake/devil in bible that made Eve eat from the tree of knowledge in the bible. The devil will also present you with objects that you might not want, but all of a sudden you can get the urge to want and that was basically the model’s
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