Van Cleef And Arpel Analysis

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Van Cleef and Arpels
Van Cleef and Arpels has taken digital and jewelry to another level with its website that focuses on the history, techniques and brand personality of the brand. Not only does the brand have a well-crafted web space, but also the e-commerce platform is precise and clear enough for all users. Digital media has to become a large part of a brand’s effort since it is noted that 8/10 high net worth individuals use the Internet regularly. (BORN) V. & A. has clearly understood that in order to craft an effective customer footprint digitally, shoppers must be immersed into the brand at every point digitally including social media, website, applications and mobile devices. The V. & A. website comes fully equipped easily searchable
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The e-commerce section offers prices and the option to view pieces on digital models in order to combat shoppers not being able to try on pieces before buying. Figure 16 and Figure 17 show these examples below. What sets Van Cleef and Arpels apart from other brands is the in depth information given while interacting with the brand online and the offering of other ways as well to combat not being able to try pieces on before buying online. Under the high jewelry section, there is the option to learn about the inspiration behind a current collection from previous collections in order to see the process of creating the unique present collection from the house. There are also links at the bottom of the website that include other ways to connect with Van Cleef and Arpels digitally such as the Bridal iPad application, L’Ecole Van Cleef and Arpels, the Believe in Luck website where one can send well wishes to others and the A Quest for…show more content…
When the brand decided to launch an e-commerce site in November 2012, it had to deal with the questions that all luxury brands must deal with when considering whether to sell its pieces online: whether people will purchase online, should the prices be shown, can they continue to drive consumers in-store, and should there be a mobile version of the site? Cartier chose to respond with "just do it and do it well" (Meerson, CARTIER – New Online Store Opens in the USA – November 2012). The website includes detailed product descriptions, 3D interactive viewing, history of the Maison, customer service assistance before and after sale and shows the prices of some of the pieces. Lower priced jewelry pieces have the ability to be bought directly online and are displayed with high definition pictures as well as pictures of how the pieces look on drawn models. For its high jewelry pieces, clients must call in order to purchase these high priced items. This allows remaining in control of the ordering of its higher priced pieces and enables a higher expectation of customer service for its clients. Cartier, however, does not rely solely on e-commerce distribution as it still retains its boutique, department store and wholesale

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