Vandernet Case Study Marketing

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The study was conducted in such a way to provide the Vandernet which is a whole sale company for sports good a clear idea of sports retail market which can be used for familiarizing new stake holders in the market. Retail chains use either central purchasing or point out which items should be bought to the store. The main challenges of outlets in Finland are the lack of brand marketing, low brand awareness among the consumers and insufficient natural demand for certain brand of products like Millet. The only way of reaching large sales volumes would be selling wider selection to the existing customers without affecting the brand image. It is really difficult for a fresh company to set a market in Finland because the centralised purchasers determine the chain selection to set up shops. Many stores will not have sufficient budget to even start the chain. All because of this the products sold cannot be differentiated and hence provides very less selection for customers to choose from.
Main objectives of the study includes discovering status of the company millet in the market and see how the customers view point towards the product they offer. Vandernet which is an importing agent is also studied in the case and found out how
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Then the procurement is done and purchaser has to determine the assortment policy. It is the purchaser that decides what to be kept in store and what not to. Supplier selection is based on different characteristics like reliability, consistent quality, and value for money (not necessarily the cheapest supplier), strong service, honesty and clear communication. Customer relationship will be beneficial mostly in cases were long term relation is needed for the supplier retailer relationship. A good retailer maintains good relationship with high interest. The best relationships involve real partnerships with a mutual trust and long-term

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