Vanished By Sheela Chari Analysis

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In the story Vanished, by Sheela Chari the main character Neela got this veena ( an Indian instrument) from her grandmother. Neela loves the veena, she thinks that the veena make her sound better than she did before when she was playing on Shuda Aunties student veena. Shuda Aunties veena was " bad" because it was 'broken" and had duct tape on it. One day when Neela was walking home from school (with her veena) it started to rain, so she decided to stop under a hang over that is by a building, and decided to wait until the rain would stop. Suddenly Neela gets asked to come in to the church ( which was the building that she stop at ) by a guy named Hal, and Neela thinks that Hal works at the church ( but he doesn't really work at the church) so Neela goes in to the church and gets told that she can put her veena by the coat racket. Neela decided that she shouldn't put her veena by the coat racket, so then Hal says that she can put her veena in the closet and it will be safe. Well then Neelas veena got stole. Neela is on a big mission to get her veena back, and find who stole it and why they decided to stool it. Neela ends up having to…show more content…
Also she makes the characters do things that I don't a imagine happening with the story but she makes them fit in anyway. I rate this book a 9.5/10 because the author used great character description and good description but I felt like there was something missing in the story but I don't know what it was or how to explain. I felt like the book had everything that a good book need and all the things that I like in the book. All in all the book was a great book, it had great description and I hope that you read it and think the same thoughts as I did. Read Vanished, by Sheela Chari today. Its a great book I promise you that you will like
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