Vanity In The Book Of Ecclesiastes

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The book of Ecclesiastes has a reputation for being a forlorn novel, filled with the complaints of a man in despair. Everyone thinks of the most well-known phrase from the book: “Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” But as we read through the thoughts of the author we can see clearly what he is missing in his life. His outlook on the world around him is so gloomy and hopeless because one key element is not in it: Jesus Christ. For us as Christians, the solution is plainly seen and we know for a fact that all is vain if Christ isn’t in the picture. Our time on this earth is fleeting and completely pointless to those who have no prospect of life after death. But if we have the hope of Christ and know that we will join him in heaven one day, we will be able to live our life, full of the hopeful joy that we will see our savior. It is Jesus alone that provides us with our hope. As with everything in the Bible, Christ is at the center of it all. Remove him from the picture and everything loses meaning and becomes bleak. Ecclesiastes can serve as an example to us that without the Lord, everything becomes worthless. Christ is the reason we have hope in our lives and without hope, we lose motivation…show more content…
He is the only way. He gives us a purpose and value in our life and will keep us forever satisfied when we choose him. If the author of Ecclesiastes turned directly to the Lord, he wouldn’t have experienced such depression in his life. But now we have a book in the Bible to remind us that God is the only thing we need. Yes, life is futile. Yes, it is vain. But Christ is our reason for life and we are to live to carry that message to others so that they can have the same hope that he gave
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