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Vanquish Treatment Vanquish Fat Removal can help get rid of fat without the usual side effects associated with gastric bypass and liposuction. It doesn’t require any anesthesia and since it’s a non-invasive method, there’s no risk of downtime or infection. The abdomen is often the site of unwanted fat that’s very hard to remove. Aside from being unsightly, having excess fat around the abdomen can be a health concern as well. Vanquish destroys belly fat without any downtime after the treatment. It is ideal for those looking for an all-over abdominal fat treatment instead of spot treatments. When to Consider Vanquish Fat Removal Vanquish Fat Removal can benefit both men and women in good health who have unwanted abdominal fat they want to get rid of. It is…show more content…
The treatment takes 30 minutes to 1 hour and you can resume your normal activities without any problem. Vanquish won’t interrupt your work or daily activity. Four treatments are recommended for best results. Benefits of Vanquish One of the best things about Vanquish is that it has minimal side effects. This treatment procedure also covers larger areas than other methods. Aside from this, Vanquish is more affordable than other non-invasive treatments and can be completed quickly. The device used to get rid of excess fat also doesn’t touch the skin. There are no limitations or restrictions after the procedure. Vanquish is an innovative procedure in non-invasive body sculpting and the result you’ll get is similar to surgical methods, but without the pain associated with it. The unique design of Vanquish also allows it to treat large areas at once. It is a hands free-body contouring device, which makes the procedure consistent and allows little room for error. Multiple areas can be treated at the same time and the patient can still get impressive results. There is also no pain after or during the process and results can be seen in weeks or months, depending on the

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