Vans Swot Analysis

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A. SWOT/TOWS Matrix and BCG Matrix, if applicable

Table 6.1
SWOT / TOWS Matrix
Internal Factors

External Factors STRENGTHS

1. High current ratio
2. Employee Centered Corporate Beliefs and Values
3. Well Known and established company
4. Globally known
5. 106 Years of Expertise
6. Brand Achievements
7. Wide variety of products
8. Active involvement in Social Responsibility
9. Products available globally WEAKNESSES

1. Distribution Density
2. Low revenue compare to Vans PH
3. Difference of 20% of gross profit margin to its direct competitor
4. Lack of Effective Marketing Campaigns
5. Lack of popular celebrity endorsers (focusing in indie bands)
1. Efficiency of E-commerce
2. Fast-paced lifestyle
3. Expanding
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The company is going to implement this during summer time so that the consumers, whatever their age is, are available to join the contest. They are going to buy the white sneaker canvass in lesser value, of course, for them to create their designs for the sneakers that they have. The chosen winner for this contest will receive a certain amount of money and their design would be available in the next marketing campaign for a limited time only.
Employ an effective marketing campaign Employing effective marketing campaigns can gain many loyal consumers despite of having many choices in the sneakers world. This kind of strategy can draw many possibilities such that they can release a new line of sneakers if they have one or they can add another product that is under their name. In having an effective marketing campaign, the consumer’s ideas is the main factor for this to be successful. It should be updated and it must be on the trending spot for the certain year and they should be consistent for this so their customers will stick to their brands.

Product Development Strategies
Launch a sneaker fashion
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The fashion show will highlight the product lines that the company is offering. Upon the fashion show, there will be a surprise celebrities or brand ambassadors that will join the fashion show to draw buzz marketing even in the social networking sites.

Sponsoring sports events By sponsoring sports event, the consumers will now realize that the sneakers we have are limited only for casual events. Being present in here can increase the interest of the audiences that the company is ready to serve them. In the sports games, there is a booth outside the arena where there is a display of sneakers that are available for the consumers to buy.

Promote Converse sneakers as shoe for all time for the consumers Using this kind of strategy, the consumer will be more interested in buying the sneakers that they are offering. The aggressive marketing that the company is doing will eventually increase their sales than the usual. In the TV advertisements that we will implement, the company will showcase that the sneakers that they have can be used in the different occasions and can make sure that they get comfortable when they wear

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