Vaping Should Be Illegal Essay

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What would you do if your teen vapes. And now you know the dangers of it. Vapor Should Be Illegal in the U.S.A. because. It contains dangerous chemicals, is also a gateway to drugs, and finally it contains some of the same things as regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain dangerous liquid and solid chemicals. As well as this it can lead people to worse things like drugs. Furthermore vapor contains chemicals that are found in cigarettes. Some people believe that vaping is better than smoking but it’s just not. Vaping Should be Illegal in the U.S. because it contains dangerous chemicals. Vapor contains Nacrolum, Formaldehyde and Nicotine. This proves that vapor contains chemicals that can be harmful to you. Additionally scientists did an experiment on 10 mice, 2 out of the 10 died. But all with severe lung cancer. This reports that vapor can be harmful to not just us but animals to. In conclusion it is scientifically proven that vapor is bad for humans and animals, so why do it? Another reason vapor should be illegal in the U.S.A. is because it leads people to drugs. Vapor has the chemical Nicotine. Which is addicting to people that have it in there system and cigarettes have a lot…show more content…
Vapor is just as bad for you as smoking. With studies done 3 times more deaths do to vapor than smoking in ages 26-40. Also when kids stopped reports of them being depressed, irritable and anxious. This insists that kids are vaping how and why? Also that 3 times more deaths than smoking That’s A Big Red Flag For Me but i don’t know. As well as this a study dune by myself and my associate Justin found that 80% of our L.A. class said vaping is just as bad as if not worse than cigarettes. This enhances the fact that vaping is problem, and if 11 and 12 year olds know that than the people that change things should know these things to. So you out there the town, state, the U.S. listen to us and say it with me vaping is a problem lites change this

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