Varadero Beach Research Paper

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It is hard to find a place that you could really enjoy as a child, as a teenager, and even as an adult; a place that never gets old or boring, that is Varadero beach for me as it is for many others Cubans. It is not just about the beach, its about the whole experience, from the stunning surrounding nature to the endless attractions. Such a remarkable place has become my favorite destination for summer vacations.
The trip itself was the first amusement. Since my family lived in Havana we took a road that goes all along the north coast; a lovely trip of about two hours through he highest bridge in Cuba, the great historical city of Matanzas, and many smaller towns that my father was naming just before I could see them. I felt a great excitement when passing under the sign announcing the arrival although it was not the first time I was there.
Varadero is amazing and unique in so many ways. The glistening white sands, the wonderful nature, and the tranquil waters are the ingredients for the stunning stage that extends all along the west side of the peninsula Hicacos, but even though it is as beautiful as someone can
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Tours, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins and all kinds of water sports are common attractions. You would even enjoy seeing tourists from all around the world, a great mix of cultures, races, customs, and languages, all of them united in the idea of pleasure and relaxation, in addition, an appeling reason for tourists and for many families like mine to go to Varadero is that, with the right weather, it is a very safe place, even for kids. The water deepens very slowly at the beach, so it is difficult to see an accident, and there is so much sand space for so few people, that it is hard to lose sight of a child. Nevertheless, crime is reduced to almost nothing due to the distance of cities and a good work from the local police, which is really important for the safety of tourists and
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