Varian Lorene Persuasive Speech Analysis

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They were executed. Exactly twenty-nine days later it happened again. Humanity was lost in the eyes of many, all were executed this happened many times, and the priests asked the cure god for anything to get rid of this disastrous disease, but all the Cure God said was, “ In 200 years I will tell you the cure.” The king made his kingdoms brightest minds come up with a plan to, in the meantime,control the virus. Weekly tests were done by the whole kingdom, if infected they were sent to Crater island named Control Crater for its use to house the infected. Once you were shipped there named infected, you never came back. ________________________________________________________________ The chilling air of winter made the facete water freezing…show more content…
Cure God has spoken! After 200 years of waiting, finally the priests got the answer. Not just an exotic plant or a strange syrium, the cure is a PERSON! Who would have thought Varian Lurene is the cure to this terrible virus taking over! Main Priest Jackson Alvey’s speech “ Finally the Cure God has announced the cure. It is unusual, this cure is not at all like the others he 's spoken, this is a living breathing being, a human never able to be infected by any diese in existence! He said this human is to be sacrificed at once, the body burned. The ashes are to be spread on the island of Crater, plants will grow from those ashes, those infected will be risen and aware, never to be mistaken as insane and unstable again. Those risen will be accepted back to our society, never to be mistreated. Varian Lurene is the cure!” I’ve never heard of this speech probably because I live on the very edge of the west side of the kingdom by the coast, while the king lives in the center of the kingdom. The people living close to the temple and the palace maybe even present at the time of the speech has known about me being the cure for days, while I just found out. I am to be sacrificed. Zara looked at the newspaper to see what was the cause of my frightened expression. I shook my head slowly. Her breath was shaky as she skimmed the page and covered her mouth, tears poured from her eyes. I was in disbelief from this startling…show more content…
Her face was blank revealing no emotion. I couldn’t explain how I felt about her. Her hair was dyed an emerald green and her eyes were like plain black buttons. Her skin was a pale unhealthy complexion and she had scares the shape of patterns all along her arms. She was wearing a plain pure white shirt but it was tattered like rags. She seemed like a poor person at heart like a rebel, but with a sense of purpose and dignity. Her manner was like a young teenager going through the rebellion stage. She looked into my eyes almost hypnotizing
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