Varicocele Pain Case Study

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Varicocele Pain Relief
Varicocele is an abnormal swelling of the veins that normal supply blood to the reproductive glands inside the scrotum that is the sack of skin that holds the testicles. This type is disorder leads to blockage of blood which is the main cause of male infertility since it leads to reduced sperm quality and also less sperm production. Normally if you have veins inside the scrotum that are healthy then one way valves allow the flow of blood from the scrotum and testicles back to the heart but in a situation that you have varicocele, the valves do not operate well thus causing blood to pool hence enlarging the veins.
According to a study done, it was found that not all varicoceles affect the production and quality
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Even though some pain can be experienced, it should be endured for some time because it is part of the procedure and healing process. Little injection should be done on the groin to relieve on the pain. Many researches still need to be carried on the same especially on pain relievers because it can be severe after the procedure has been carried out. It is important especially to doctors in understanding varicocele pain so that they help the patients recover as fast as possible. Dr Crowe says that varicocele may not affect fertility and quality of sperm if it detected at the early stages. Even at the late stages it can be treatment if correct medication and care is carried…show more content…
A tube is inserted into the blood vein by a radiologist in the lower part of the neck or groin where an instrument can be passed. The enlarged vein is monitored and the doctor will release a coil that will block the testicular veins and the blood flow will be interrupted hence repair the varicocele. This is safer for the patient however; caution has to be taken so that veins can open up after the procedure. Some veins which will fail will be blocked and regular checkups should be carried out to ensure they heal well. If they do not heal well, it can cause more problems in the future and it will be difficult to be treated and can cause

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