Varicose Vein Research Paper

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Varicose Veins Overview- A varicose vein (or varicose veins) is the abnormal dilation of the veins that appear swollen and that sometimes, when the varicose vein involves a superficial vein, can be observed through the skin. In our body the arteries carry oxygenated blood to the rest of the body from the heart, the veins, however, return the oxygen-poor blood to the heart because it is pushed towards the lungs and oxygenated. The arteries, which push oxygenated blood, they have a very effective muscle layer, which carries blood to the pressure or heart but not so the veins, which carry blood to low pressure. Every vein so it can dilate and become varicose, in fact it is a fairly common disease that affects mainly the veins of the legs and…show more content…
The general suggestions regarding the lifestyle, how to lose weight, avoid standing too long sitting or standing, do physical activities and wear protective clothing not adherent. Stockings wear all day and the pressure they exert on the legs helps the venous drainage. It is a device that supports the veins and leg muscles playing a role you can define additional external pump. If after changing lifestyle and with the aid of elastic stockings do not experience the expected benefits, or in the case of a more serious condition, the treatment of varicose veins may…show more content…
After treatment there is a local inflammatory reaction (chemical phlebitis) that causes the closing and re-absorption of the varicose. The sclerotherapy, also used in the case of groups of capillaries, can be performed in medical surgery without anesthesia. • Laser surgery- laser treatments allow you to intervene on smaller varicose veins. With the laser surgery is obtained by the closure of the vein that gradually tends to disappear. • Radiofrequency ablation- Usually it used for larger varicose veins. The treatment is ambulatory and is performed by inserting a catheter into the vein. Once inserted, the catheter is heated and the heat shrinkage test and the closing of the vein. • Stripping- this technique removes the diseased vein through a series of small incisions. Stripping can be long, if the removal relates to the stretch from the groin to the ankle, short if it goes from the groin to the knee. The removal of the vein has no detrimental effect on the movement of the leg to ensure that the flow is the deep veins. Change is the most

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