Athlete: The Influence Of Varsity Sports

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"[...]There are three types of people. There are those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wondered what happened." (Lasorda) For instance, the story of an autistic teenage boy named Jason McElwain who was 5 foot 6. Throughout his high school years, he was an assistant coach of a high school basketball team and got the chance to play in the last four minutes of the game and McElwain scored 20 points. (Estebon) This demonstrate the outcome of perseverance and the desire to strive for athletic goals. Furthermore, sports has an immense impact in our lives which at times could defines us. For athletes, every game is significant and it develops to a lifestyle. Varsity sports in post-secondary institutions can lead…show more content…
In athletics, it is important to always remain physically prepared to perform. Before school begins, athletes already start their preseason training and tryouts. This requires cardio workouts, aerobic workouts, conditioning, and drills (etc). Furthermore, depending on the type of sport, there is always a certain diet that has to be respected and done on a regular basis to keep up with the expectations of the coaches and a healthier lifestyle. Proper nutrition include a balance of consuming vitamins, proteins, calcium, potassium , and so on. All of these elements are necessities of shaping a fit athletes for a regular season. Meanwhile, there is also emotional and/or psychological pressure that could display itself physically which could lead student athletes to take drugs like steroids and control their nutrition. In certain sports, there are specific attributes that are required to be able to participate in the teams. According to a report from 2013, the frequent issue with many basketball players are "maintaining their weight and masses during competitive seasons ." (Stein, 30, 12) This shows that physic has to be consistent in order to display abilities and skills throughout games. In addition, the fact that physic is so important this pressures the idea of an ideal body image and if not attained it would seem like he or she is not good enough to be on the team and this leads to low-esteem. According to NCAA study of Substance Use and Habits, it has been proven that the use of illicit drugs mostly occur in "male sports." ( Green, 30, 51). Throughout the analysis of this report, the reasons for the usage of these drugs are often because of the desire to enhance performance, it feels good, to impress others, and deal with stress of athletics. ( 30, 55) On the other hand, other statistics were deducted and showed where most athletes obtain anabolic
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