Varying Culture And Hunting Culture

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Mythologies are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life, what we are capable of knowing and experiencing within. It is an experience of life. There is no specific explanation nor a specified way of understanding how life should be lived. You can ask questions like ‘what is the meaning of the universe?’ or ‘what is the meaning of this tree?’ No meaning. It is just there. We are often so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget that the inner value, which is the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about. Religions are formed with different mythologies as bases. What we need to understand is – if a man puts away all the taboos of not allowing himself to believe in more…show more content…
The two greatest division would be the hunting culture and the farming culture. Hunting cultures focuses on individualism. The hunter is an individual in a way that no farmer will ever be. Toiling in the fields and waiting for nature to tell you when you are going to do it is one thing, but going off on a hunt, every hunt is a different hunt from the last one. Hunters are trained in individual skills that require very special talents and abilities. Hunters are always directed outward to the animals. His life depends on the relationship to the animals. An animal is a total entity, he is within a skin. When you kill an animal, he is dead – that is the end of him. Where as in the vegetal world, you cut a plant, another sprout comes. So in the farming cultures, there is a sense of death as not death somehow, that death is required for new life. And that individual is not quite an individual, he is a branch of a plant. It is also obvious that it has mostly been the man hunting, where the woman has the magic to give birth and nourishment. Hunting culture is patriarchal and farming culture is matrilineal. It all comes down to “Yin and Yang”, contrary forces are always complimentary. The Buddhist says “All life is sorrowful”. It would not be life if there were not temporality involved, which is sorrow, loss. You got to say yes to life and see it as magnificent this way, for this is surely the way God intended it. Participate in the game. It is a wonderful opera – except that it hurts. In classic Christian doctrine the material world is to be despised, and life is to be redeemed in the hereafter, in heaven, where our rewards come. If you affirm that which you deplore, you are affirming the very world which is our eternity at the
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