Vasco Amaz De Balboa Research Paper

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VASCO NÚÑEZ DE BALBOA Vasco Núñez de Balboa was a spanish explorer during the 1500s. Balboa was born on May 22, 1475 in Jerez de los Caballeros, a town in the impoverished Extremadura region of Spain. His mother was the Lady de Badajoz, and his father was Nuño Arias de Balboa, a nobleman. As a child, his family was poor. Little is known of Vasco's early childhood. All we know is that Balboa was the third of four boys in his family. In 1500, he heard about Christopher Columbus’s voyage and was inspired to explore the “new world” . Along with Juan de la Cosa, he took his first voyage. Since Juan de la Cosa had a license, he could bring back jewels and riches for the king and queen. In 1501, he crossed the Caribbean coasts from the

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