Vasco Da Gama's Life

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Vasco da Gama was a well known explorer born in 1469 in Sines, Portugal. Throughout his life, he went on three voyages all of which were to obtain a sea route to India and manage to keep it. During these voyages he had to do many things, even if they were bad. Vasco da Gama was a successful Portuguese explorer who found a sea route to India, killed many people, and became a Portuguese leader of India. Vasco da Gama’s childhood was very different than people now. He was born into a noble family. His father was civil governor of Sines. Because da Gama was born into such a well known family, he received a good education in astrology, navigation, and mathematics. He did his studies at the university of Evora. This helped when he joined the Navy. Vasco da Gama joined the navy as soon as he was old enough to. Even though he learned same navigation skills at school, this is where he…show more content…
Many of the Portuguese officials were being dishonest. After the issue was solved, one of the biggest things in da Gama’s life happened. King John III named him ruler of India. Not long after this he died a mysterious death in Cochin, India. No one really knows for sure why he died but a popular guess is that he was overworked. Vasco da Gama was then buried in Portugal in 1538.
Vasco da Gama did accomplish half of his goal that he set for his voyages. His goals was to find a new trading route to india and then create a new trading route that goes from Europe to the east of Asia. He did manage to find a new trading route to india but he didn’t create a new trading route that goes from Europe to the east of Asia. He also earned Portugal new trading routes, wealth, and helped Portugal become a major colonial empire. He did whatever it took to earn this. This is the reason why the Portuguese people see him as a hero even though Africans and Indians see him as a
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