Vasco Da Gama's Voyages That Impactd The World

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The well known Christopher Columbus was not the only explorer from the Iberian Peninsula who shaped the world today. Vasco Da Gama, a less popular explorer, actually had a large impact and array of accomplishments. He set off for India in 1497, following his passion to explore and be the first to reach Calicut. Gama was placed on the Saõ Gabriel by King Manuel to find spices and open up a sea route to India. Gama was inspired to explore because of the Renaissance in Europe. One of the ideals of the renaissance was “sense of adventure.” This focused on exploration and curiosity, leading people to explore new parts of the world. Like many other explorers, Gama was inspired by these ideals and the discoveries they made because of it has impacted our world today. Vasco Da Gama’s voyages…show more content…
Vasco Da Gama’s voyages of exploration led to the development of European empires because global trading networks and maritime trade were introduced. These voyages were very crucial for building an empire because it would allow Portugal to gain access to spices. Portugal did not have many resources so they could only rely on trade to become an empire. According to The Journal of the First Voyage of Vasco Da Gama, “In the year 1497, King Dom Manuel despatched four vessels to make discoveries and go in search of spices. Vasco Da Gama was the captain-major of these vessels...” (Gama 1). The King wanted to include Portugal in trading because Muslims had a monopoly of trade with India. During his journey, Da Gama was

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