Vaslav Nijinsky: Breaking The Barrier

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Nijinsky;Breaking the Barrier
Vaslav Nijinsky, one of the most renowned and admired dancers of the 20th century, was known for his astounding leaps and interpretations and his ability to dance en pointe. Nijinsky forever changed the world of dance, serving as an inspiration for the pioneers of what we now know to be modern dance. He broke down the barrier between dance and emotion by dancing with an entirely new technique that he felt portrayed the essence of his creations, instead of confining himself to the familiarity of the somewhat clichéd ballet technique. He came to celebrity, almost god-like status, introduced audiences to his thoroughly alternative, and enraging new approach to dance, and overcame his challenges, both personal
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Nijinsky parents were his first teachers and taught him the basics of ballet. Nijinsky got his first taste of the stage at the age of just seven, where he made his professional debut as a chimney sweep in a comedic circus dance performance. After moving to St Petersburg with his family at the age of nine, Nijinsky auditioned for and was one of the fifteen boys accepted into the prestigious Imperial Theatrical School, a school of classical ballet that has since been renamed, The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. Discipline was relentless, but drive and love of the dance flourished among students, making this the perfect place for a young, indefatigable Vaslav Nijinsky. He was a substandard student academically. In fact, his sister Bronislava, who was two years younger than him often did his homework. However, it was soon clear to his instructors that he was tremendously gifted in the art of ballet. Nijinsky shone from the beginning and even just after his first few school productions, he was being acclaimed a prodigy. The other attending students were envious of his obvious talent, making him quite unpopular throughout his years there. After graduating The Imperial Theatrical School, Nijinsky went on to it’s associated company, The Mariinsky Ballet, one of the world 's leading ballet companies and soon became a soloist. There, he sensationally performed memorable ballets such as Giselle, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty. At the age of eighteen, Nijinsky met Serge Diaghilev. The two started both a romantic and professional relationship, as Nijinsky became both his lover and a dancer in his company, the Ballet Russes. This was favourable for both men, as Vaslav would soon play an essential role in the success of the Ballet Russes, just as the company would add to
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