Vee Verizon Competitor Analysis

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T-Mobile is 15th largest cellular carrier in the United States. T-Mobile is the smallest carrier out of its competitors. T-Mobile has the worst coverage out of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. T-Mobile covers 75% of urban areas and 50% of rural areas. Like its fellow competitor AT&T, T-Mobile also covers a great amount of international countries. T-Mobile offers the iPhone 6 for $549.99. T-Mobile also offers installment plans, $37.08 for 12 months and 27.08 for 18 months. The price for a single line on T-Mobile services would be $50.00 with one GB of internet and unlimited talk and text. Sprint Sprint is the third largest company in the United States. Sprint is offered nationwide. Sprint has spotty coverage, covering 65% in urban areas and 55% in rural areas. And Sprint do offer international coverage but it is extremely limited to certain areas. A single line for sprint would cost $60 a month, including unlimited data, talk and text. The iPhone 6 would cost 549.99 if you just buy the phone. Sprint also offers installment plans $20.00 for 24 months. Verizon…show more content…
Verizon is also known to have the highest fees out of its competitors. Verizon covers nationwide, so it covers all urban and rural areas. For a single line with Verizon it would cost 60$, it include: unlimited talk and text and 2gb of internet. For the iPhone 6 itself, the phone would cost 549.99$. Verizon also offers installments you will have to pay 200$ up front, then you will have to pay 32.49$ every month for the next 12
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