Vegan Diet Research Paper

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7 Common Myths About Vegan Diet Overview The vegan diet is an Indian style of feeding known to reduce excess fat very easy and fast. It is inclusive of the vegetables and no animal product to enhance reduction of cholesterol. This diet can make you lose as much fat as you wish only if you have to take it as prescribed. You have to sacrifice all the junk you love and the amounts of alcohol you take in a day. In case you mix up the vegan diet you will absolutely get wrong impacts that will not reflect weight and fat loss. The following are the 7 common myths about vegan diet; 1. Vegan diet is the only diet proven to reverse heart disease This is true since the heart diseases are cause by too much fat in the body. The moment fat clogs around the…show more content…
They worsen the arthritis pain, diabetes and also increase the level of blood pressure in your body. Daily intake of a vegan diet will help reduces these cholesterol and fat hence making you be safe from the severe arthritis pains, diabetes, and blood pressure. 3. Animal protein is harmful This is the reason why the vegan diet does not contain any animal products hence making you be able to live long with no health problems. Animal products such meats, milk, eggs among others have the ability to make you experience stomach a problem, head aches among other problems. Try to avoid them as much as possible to ensure that you are safe and not consuming any drugs. This can only be possible that you will have to take a vegan diet on a daily basis. 4. Human are not designed to eat animals Some religions have these beliefs making the follower have no chance to taste animal product. These products have both positive and negative health product. It is upon you to make a decision whether you are ready to take the vegan diet challenge or continue with medications due to intake of animal products. This vegan diet has the ability to keep you from medication for a long time since they have no side effects to your body. They will only increase the level of immunity in your…show more content…
Meat causes heart disease, diabetes and cancer Excessive consumption of meat makes you suffer from severe diabetes and in addition, blood pressure. Ensure that you take meat at least in small quantities and make sure that it is fully cooked. Partially cooked meat has the ability to cause arthritis as well as heart disease. Avoid roasted meat which has the capability of exposing you to more health risks since it is not properly cooked. Stick to a vegan diet till your immunity gets good to be exposed to animal products. 6. Vegetarians and vegans live longer and have a lower risk of killer diseases This myth is true since these vegetarians have no health risks as related to those who consume animal products. Sudden death cannot attack vegan feeders or vegetarians but is capable of attacking those who feed on animal products. 7. The health benefit of vegan diet are due to avoiding animal foods Let animal products be a history in your digestive system. This strategy will help you stay in a healthier lifestyle. Avoid friends who cannot stay without animal products since you will be tempted to fall in the temptation too.
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