Vegan Svadba Case Study Solution

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1.2) Realistic, feasible, acceptable The service is realistic, in addition to the small competition in the market. Vegan Svadba will mainly focus on wedding cakes. Also, because of the high marriage rate and the amount of vegans in Czech Republic. The estimated percentage of vegans is 0.70% of the population, and still growing (Targetmap, 2017). A wedding cake catering is non existing in the vegan society, and with the workshops, it creates a unique selling point for the company. Before the company was set up, potential customers had to make their own cakes, according to the website Czechtraditions, which was mostly made by family. The service is feasible, the substitute products are available. However, the only thing missing is the specialists that focus mainly on wedding cakes. A course for bakers is available to educate them to specialists. A website has been set up, to create awareness for the availability of…show more content…
INTERNAL/EXTERNAL ANALYSIS This chapter of the report will focus on the internal and external environment of the company Vegan Svadba. In the MESO Analysis, Porter’s five forces will be applied which will lead to the opportunities and threats. Furthermore, the strengths and weaknesses will be explained which will lead to the SWOT analysis. Then, the short-term and the long-term goals are described. Ending with the description of the organisation and the organisation from a legal point of view 2.1) MESO Analysis In this analysis, Porter’s five forces will be used. The Porter's Five Forces system is a basic, however, capable instrument for understanding where control lies in a business situation. This is valuable, since it helps understanding both the quality of your current focused position, and the quality of a position the company is thinking about moving into. (Mindtools, 2017) It will provide the opportunities and threats of the company. Figure 2 Porter's five forces model (Mindtools, 2017) 2.1.1) Bargaining power of

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