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What do Bill Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, and McMinnville’s own, Mr. Brian Maselli, all have in common? No, it is certainly not their multi-million net worths, nor their “subtle” liberalness. Instead, it is the fact that they all consider themselves to be proud vegans. Veganism has become a trendy topic in the last decade; many magazines print articles with vegan-specific meals and examples of actors and musicians who have made the change. Films and television shows have even began moving away from the stereotypical vegan trope, where people are mocked for being tree-hugging extremists, and started portraying them as normal humans who just so happen to be health conscious. With more and more celebs instagramming their lunchtime plates and…show more content…
However, not all carbs are created equal. Simple carbs (read: sugars) spike blood glucose levels and should be moderated, if not cut out altogether, since simple sugars carry no real nutritional value besides energy and are often regarded as empty calories. On the other hand, complex carbs like fiber, which aids the body in digestion and makes the stomach feel full for longer periods of time by adding bulk, should make up a substantial amount of daily calories (Benefits of Fiber). The extra fruits and vegetables consumed from a vegan diet also provide higher doses of antioxidants, powerful substances that prohibit the oxidation of molecules in the body (Antioxidants - Topic Overview). Antioxidants protect the body from disease and illness by destroying free radicals, which can cause serious cell damage. Vegan diets also seem to appear richer in other compounds, such as potassium, magnesium, folate, and an array of vitamins…show more content…
Removing meats and other animal products lowers the amount of disease-causing saturated fats and replaces them with healthier, unsaturated fats (Craig). Consuming less saturated fats has shown to decrease LDL, the “bad” cholesterol that collects on the walls of blood vessels and causes blockages. Cholesterol is an essential fat that cells in the body need, but possessing too much raises the likelihood that a stroke or heart attack will occur. Avoiding fats, salts, and cholesterol can also prevent or reverse blood pressure levels from creeping up (Berman). Observational studies have reported that vegans “may even benefit from a 75 percent lower risk of developing [hypertension]” to those of the general population

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