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Albert Einstein said, “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” Veganism is a lifestyle in which people are compassionate towards animals, eliminating meat and dairy from diets. Animal agriculture destroys the environment, farm animal’s lives, and human health. As many as 3,000 animals or more are killed every second in slaughterhouses, not including fish and other sea animals (Animal Equality Food). More people should choose veganism because it is healthier for the body, it saves the environment, and animal’s lives. Vegan diets are healthier for the body than omnivorous diets. Animal products are unnecessary, hurt the animals, and ultimately hurt…show more content…
The production of meat and dairy is ultimately killing the environment. The majority of land today is being used to produce meats and dairy. The production of plant based foods on 2.5 acres of land would feed 30 vegans a year, while the same amount of land would feed only five to ten omnivorous people (“Going Vegetarian is Good for Environment”). Producing meat, dairy, and eggs take up about three times the amount of land than plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. If there were no longer meat and dairy industries taking up so much land, there would be much more space for producing healthy and ethical foods. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are ravaging the air. As much as “51 percent or more greenhouse gases emissions are caused by animal agriculture,” (“Fight Climate Change Going Vegan”). Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases that are released into the air. If there was no more animal agriculture, there would be 51 percent or less greenhouse gases in the air. Due to climate change, the temperatures are rising as well as sea levels. Studies show “vegans have a greenhouse-gas footprint that is 41.7 percent smaller than meat-eaters’ footprint and 13.9 percent smaller than vegetarians’ footprint” (“Fight Climate Change Going Vegan”). Producing plant based foods for vegan diets, does not…show more content…
Vegans exclude meat and dairy products from their foods, which helps lower the amounts of fat, cholesterol, and calories. Foods like grains, vegetables, and fruits offer the body with an abundance of necessary nutrients for the body. The meat and dairy industries are very harmful to animals and kill them, just for people to consume dead animals for dinner. Animal agriculture uses a lot of land to produce meat and dairy, while people could be using that land to produce better foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains. Even though some say vegan foods do not give the body enough nutrients like protein, legumes have tons of proteins in them as well as fruits and vegetables, which most people do not know. Save the animals. Save our planet. Save your body. Go

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