Veget Colleges Dissection Policy

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1. There are some major problems within the vet colleges’ dissection policy. These problems need to be fixed. Therefore, the vet colleges should make changes to their dissection policy. People are getting attached to animals that students are dissecting. This is one major conflict. The vet colleges are making unethical decisions. To fix this issue, the vet colleges should change the animals that are being dissected.
2. The case study packet states, “Horses and cows are purchased for dissecting.” According to, research has shown that a significant number of students are uncomfortable with the use of animals in dissection. Among pet owners, 73% own a dog. Therefore, they would contribute to the disagreement to the dissection of dogs.
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Evidence shows people are doing harmful things to these animals in order for them to be dissected. Undercover investigations have documented cases of animal abuse. Dealer and biological supply companies buy live or dead animals that have been captured off the streets. This is why large amounts of students feel uncomfortable with the use of animals in dissection. This proves that there should be a change in animals that are used. In addition, cows and horses are being bought from slaughterhouses. After that, they are being dissected. Because of the harm towards these animals, students disagree with the dissection policy.
4. Regardless of the animal, the dissection will still be done in the same way. It will not make a difference depending on what animal is being dissected, and how it is being dissected. Despite the fact that people don’t want animals, such as dogs, to be dissected, they might be more of a help to vets. If they always dissected rats or mice, they would never find problems in dogs or cows. Since many people own common animals like dogs, horses, and cows, dissections need to be done on them in order to find any problems in them. As a result of this, vet colleges should not make any changes to their dissection
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