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Article 4- vegetable face mask
Suggested Title: The simplest way to use veggies in skin care!
Suggested Title: Sort your skin problems with the veggies in your refrigerator!
Suggested Title: Veggies to the rescue of your skin- A simple vegetable facemask recipe!

Although relegated to the position of a side dish on dining tables, there are few things in nature that can do your body more good than colorful vegetables. Eating veggies and using them externally both can transform of your skin. In fact, even if you are diligent about getting your five servings of veggies and fruits, you should consider using them topically in skin care.
The logic is simple; when you eat something, the major organs in your body get the prime share of the nutrients
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Plus, the enzymes and natural acids in potatoes and lemon do a grand job of removing dead cellular matter from the skin and erasing dark spots. Then, there is chlorophyll and other phytochemicals all of which are known to boost skin health.
What to expect from your vegetable face mask?
Using veggies on your face is a safe, effective and gentle way to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. Veggie face masks work for all skin types and offer exceptional results when used by those who have oily and combination skin.
The natural acids in vegetables help to clean the buildup of sebum and dirt without harming or drying the dermal layers. Yet, if you have particularly sensitive skin, a patch test is recommended. Also, if you are allergic to a particular vegetable, don’t use it on your skin.
For best results, this mask should be used no more than twice a week. In fact, start with one application per week and work your way up to twice a week only if you have significant dullness, and hyper pigmentation to deal with. Typically, you should notice visible results after 4-6 weeks of use. If you are using vegetable masks twice a week, be very diligent with your moisturizing

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