Vegetarian Diet Essay

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Menu planning of a vegetarian diet for an elderly couple

I. Introduction
Elderly people require special nutritional needs and care, particularly those who are on vegetarian diets. They are vulnerable to malnutrition and some degenerative problems due to the progressive ageing process.

A lacto-ovo vegetarian menu is designed for an elderly couple at 70 years old, based on several criteria, including the age-specific nutritional requirements, accessibility and affordability of food ingredients, cooking methods, food texture and attractiveness.

II. Criteria in designing a vegetarian diet for an elderly couple
1. Nutritional adequacy
The diet should include nutrients that are commonly inadequate in a vegetarian diet. These nutrients include
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Food accessibility
Considered that the older population may have limited mobility in shopping and preparing meals due to the progressive degeneration, such as osteoarthritis. The ingredients in this menu are in season and can be easily purchased from local markets or supermarkets.

3. Affordability
The elderly people at the age of 70 are mostly retired and without constant income. The food choices should be affordable while nutritionally adequate. This helps increase their compliance to the menu. The total cost for this menu is $56.5, which is at a reasonable price of $28.3 per person (see Appendix II).

4. Cooking method
The cooking methods involves simple steaming, stir frying and simmering, with basic preparation such as cutting and peeling. The average preparation time for each dish is 10-20 minutes, which is considered not physically demanding for elderly
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