Vegetarianism Pros And Cons

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The life-changing choice: Vegetarianism Many humans make a life changing choice. What is the life changing choice? This life changing choice is vegetarianism. No matter which form of vegetarian a human becomes, they set themselves apart from the rest of humanity. Vegetarianism is a choice made for oneself. Humans should eat meat and have a diet consisting of meat and vegetables. A diet consisting of plants does not meet the needs of a human. Humans should not be vegetarians. Vegetarianism is a controversial subject and is quite often debated. Therefore, many people do not agree with vegetarianism. The reason being that it is unusual for humans to not eat meat. Although not eating meat is unusual, many people make the choice to become a vegetarian.…show more content…
“ Life is not possible without death, and no matter what you eat, something has to die to feed you.” This quote is by Lierre Keith he states that there is no point in being vegetarian because vegetarian or not, something still has to die to feed you. Vegetarianism has many pros. Vegetarianism provides many health benefits. There is a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, along with lower blood pressure and a longer life expectancy. The diet also provides many nutrients. There is a vast amount of Vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Vegetarianism also prevents chronic disorders due to lots of…show more content…
There are many reasons people become vegetarians. Some people become vegetarian for their health. They believe vegetarianism leads to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, people may become vegetarian for religious purposes. Other people may have concerns such as animal welfare and the antibiotics and hormones used in livestock. They may believe vegetarianism brings justice to animals. Another belief is that this diet will save the planet by leaving the wilderness that protects animals alone. Many people become vegetarian to stop factory farming. They believe factory farming is cruel, wasteful, and

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