Vegetarianism And Vegetarianism

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Vegan is defined as a person who does not eat/use animal products. Lots of people don’t know the differences between vegetarian and vegan. Many think they are the same thing. They have one main difference, which is that vegetarians only don’t eat meat, and vegans don’t eat or use any animal products whatsoever. People argue that being vegan is better for the environment, saves money, and reduces animal cruelty, while others argue that being vegan doesn’t fix animal cruelty, can be expensive, and that being vegan is unhealthy. Veganism has been around for centuries, but the term “vegan” was first coined in 1944 by Donald Watson. Originally, he meant for it to mean “dairy-free vegan”, but the definition of being vegan has changed since then. It is a lifestyle that excludes eating or using animal products. (Suddath). This means no meat, dairy products, clothing made of animal skins or furs, gelatin, or any products that were tested on animals. People have avoided animal products for more than 2,000 years. (We’ve Come a Long Way!). Vegans are strictly against animal cruelty and testing. (Vegetarianism/Veganism). They also strongly dislike or disagree with how animals are kept before they’re killed for food. The animals are kept in cages, pens, etc. Over the past few years, veganism has gained lots of popularity. (Petre).
There are many laws about veganism. One law states that vegans are equal in dignity and rights. Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights says that everyone has a
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