The Argument Against Vegetarianism

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In recent years more and more people have taken a stand against the excessive consumption of meat that exist in many of the world richer countries. A trend towards vegetarianism and veganism have arisen, especially among the younger population. More and more people have embraced a vegetarian diet not only because of their growing compassion for animals, but also due to their increasing awareness of health and the environment. While vegetarianism is usually a diet, in which one omit meat but still tend to consume eggs and dairy products, veganism is more of a lifestyle. In contrast to a vegetarian, a vegan avoids all edible animal products as well as inedible animal-based products, such as wool and leather. However, over the last couple a years, several other terms, categorized under vegetarianism, have started to circulate. The relatively new term flexitarian refers to a person leading a semi-vegetarian lifestyle. A flexitarian tend to mostly consume plants, dairy and eggs, but on occasion also eat meat and fish. Pescetarian is another, fairly new, term that allude
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However, even if you do not feel that becoming a vegan is something you have the possibility to do, there are still several other things you can think of. First of all, if you have a hard time giving up on fish, make sure that the fish you buy is marked with the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) “Certified sustainable seafood” label. The MSC’s marking is a certificate that guarantees that the fish comes from viable stocks and that is has been caught with minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, if you cannot for some reason give up on meat either, make sure that the meat is organic at the same time as you think of the size of the portion, the smaller they are, the better. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do
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