Vegetarianism Thesis

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Vegetarianism Thesis statement: Vegetarians enjoy a good lifestyle more than anyone else with right food. Annotated bibliography: Orlich, MJ., Singh, PM., Sabate, J. (2013), Vegetarian dietary patterns and mortality in adventist health study 2, JAMA Intern Med., 173(13), pp. 1230-1238. The article is appropriate to the study in terms of dietary patterns that lead to quality lifestyle. The research has been carried out by classifying food into 5 dietary patterns and the result proved that vegetarians have better mortality. The result also concluded the appropriateness of vegetarian food for males as it increases energy and reduces exposure to chronic diseases. Plant based foods are considered as the right foods for intake by people.…show more content…
It works on the mere reality faced by people where people face obesity, cardiovascular issues and diabetes due to unhealthy lifestyle. The article gives a reliable output on the take by physicians on healthy eating and importance of happy living. With a case analysis carried out in this research about a 63 year old man with numerous health issues, it insists on the applicability of the suggestions from this research to similar cases. Literary sources are also used in the article to reveal the impact of diet on lifestyle changes and mental satisfaction. As the research of mine surrounds the nutritional impact of vegetarian foods, this article is likely to add value to my research in terms of nutritional importance, intake habits and healthy eating methodologies. It is also found to control the health concerns and manage diet to a better extent and I shall list methodologies adopted to achieve the…show more content…
There is a good volume of research to demonstrate the advantage of plant based diet over other forms of poor eating. With a thorough tabulation made on chronic disease and impact of food on the mortality of people, I have chosen this article as a foundation so I will conduct advanced research. It brings out a very important aspect of healthy lifestyle which is reduction of hypertension. The evidences have clearly supported the view that hypertension is minimized or totally eradicated with vegetarianism as a part of daily habit. I will also make use of the results to list the nutrients that are advantageous for a better living and identifiable in this diet form. The enriched research will also be instructional and inspirational for anyone who reads it and looks forward for a disease - free
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