Vegetarianism: What Is Veganism?

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What is Veganism?
What makes a vegan vegan?
The vegan diet is plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey. (Def. of Veganism) Veganism is a conscious separation between your food choices and the, currently mainstream, animals product food choices along with a separation of your life choice like what you wear, who you support, where you eat in addition to what you eat and many other aspects of life. (Torres 8)
“Being vegan means avoiding animal products to the greatest extent possible, not because of some conception of personal purity, but because ethical vegans live their politics every single day as a form of protest against the use and abuse of animals for human
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Vegetarianism does not carry any strong political stance like Veganism because they are still using animal product and contributing to industries using animal product. This doesn’t mean that there can’t be a political aspect to it. Many vegetarians advocate for more “humane” treatment of animals by the industries that use them. From a vegan of view, there is no real way to humanely raise animals with the end goal of killing them and commercializing their remains. Of course, vegetarians aren’t contributing to that part of the industry directly, but dairy products and egg products are the result of using the abilities of their respective animals far beyond what they would normally be used for in…show more content…
They describe their veganism as "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." The Vegan Society is an established community that helps promote veganism by helping members of the vegan community stay connected and informed on related

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