Vehicle Persuasive Speech Outline

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Title: Why you need someone who can fix a vehicle.
A. Attention Getter: Vehicles are a great asset in this post-apocalyptic world, but they will eventually breakdown, and there is no way to prevent that.
B. Thesis: That's why you should choose me for your bomb shelter because with my knowledge of vehicle repair, when the eventual breakdown does occur, it won't leave you stranded.
C. Organizational Statement: I will talk about how essential vehicles are to surviving the wasteland, why you need someone who can fix vehicles, and how my skills will help you when those vehicles breakdown and parts are needed.
I. Topic Sentence: First, vehicles are very important asset for any post-apocalyptic group, although walking works, it's inefficient and more
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Evidence: With that being said, in these harsh conditions parts will wear faster, causing more breakdowns.
B. Explanation: In harsh conditions such as poor roads or no roads at all, parts that wear faster are, for example, tires, belts, bearings, and engine components that can cause a major breakdown. With my help though, these problems can be resolved quickly.
Extra Topic Sentence: To be able to fix the vehicles, replacement parts are necessary A. Evidence: This being the apocalypse, it will be difficult to source these parts. Meaning they will most likely have to be custom made. B. Explanation: Although they may not be perfect, the parts we fabricate will be able to help keep the vehicles running. Conclusion
A. Summary: I talked about why vehicles are important for survival in the post-apocalyptic world, why you need someone with the knowledge to fix them, and how my skills will help fix the vehicles when they breakdown and new parts are needed.
B. Thesis Review: Choose me because I have the knowledge of how to fix vehicles and keep them running longer.
C. Closer: Vehicles make living in this wasteland much easier, but without someone to fix them, when they breakdown, and they become
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