Vehicle Tracking System Essay

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2.0 Introduction: The vehicle tracking system is an electronic device that is used in tracking a vehicle’s location. Almost all tracking systems use GPS module to locate the vehicle’s position. Many systems also combine communication components such as satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Google maps are used to view the vehicle’s location. The GPS can transmit the collected information about the vehicle at regular intervals or at least could transmit the information when required by the monitoring station. Active systems were developed that transmit vehicle’s data in real time via cellular or satellite networks to a remote computer or data center. Many vehicle tracking systems that are used nowadays…show more content…
The good news is that there is a light at the end of that long, dark, financially depleting tunnel. However, technology has always created alternative pathway for businesses. Technology aid can significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and increase productivity. The existence of vehicle tracking device then can be used to reduce the insurance cost, because the loss-risk of the vehicle drops significantly. Over the years, GPS tracking systems have proven to be effective in determine the precise location of vehicles and assets. Systems range from the passive, battery operated tracking key to the highly demanded active or real time systems with various installation options. Both are designed to increase efficiency and profitability of business by monitoring driver location and speed. Real time GPS systems operate on wireless networks (GSM) that accurately determine the exact location of a vehicle. The user instantly receives location data from the GPS receiver while the vehicle is still in motion. Real time systems are most widely used by companies who wish to monitor vehicles and

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