Veil Of Ignorance In Health Care

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When discussing necessities to life, one must discuss Healthcare and health care reform. Our society is in desperate need of health care reform because of the millions of people without health insurance. History shows us the government programs generally do not work. Soto, C. (2012). In my opinion programs like social security, Medicaid and Medicare are losing money at a fast rate but yet we still pay into it. Free clinics and free programs generally are not as easy to access due to long waits and inconvenient hours. I want to used Rawl’s Veil of ignorance is a device used to determine how we should allocate scares resources such as health care and medical resources. Moreno-Terenero & Roemer John discuss Rawls theory of justice also called…show more content…
The plan that I come up with should balance how the resources are apportioned. I would first mandate everyone to have insurance through their employers. The employers will pay cover a portion of the expenses with that coverage percentage going up after each year of service with that particular company. As part of a proactive approach employers would mandate everyone to get 2 physical checkups a year during work hours if necessary. I like the idea of a health savings account that works like a retirement account which could in term help generate interest over time. This would be mandatory for jobs to place you on this plan which would mean more money out of your check. The rising costs of medical services is a big issue, because I don’t think there is enough completion for costs to remain low. Similar to what Wagner states in her article about the need to keep everything uniform, (2014), my plan would make all hospitals and doctor’s offices uniform in the services that they provide. For those that do not have access to work, will have to follow a program run by welfare offices, where they participant must attend a day program that educated them, in order to receive a stipend on a biweekly basis. This attendance would serve as the participant’s job until they can obtain their
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