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Wendy and Peter are at fault for their parents deaths due to the children got addicted to their technology. The "Veldt by Ray Bradbury sets the family in a futuristic house with a virtual reality chamber they call the nursery. After a period of time the parents and the therapist Dr. Mclean notices that the children were getting too addicted to the nursery. They projecting whatever they desired. When the George and Lydia shut off the power. George and Lydia were getting very angry at their children because they did not want them to go to Africa. The kids replied with saying they did not go to Africa they were having a nice picnic somewhere else. The parents invited over Dr. Mclean the family therapist. They all went into the nursery to check things out. George and Dr.Mclean everything looked normal. But Lydia something was off. “Don’t the lions loom more realistic to you George?” They went back inside to discuss of what Lydia felt back in the nursery. “Well Peter does have an adult IQ, do you think that he could have tinkered with the nurseries controls to make them more realistic?”. “Do you think that the lions could attack us?” The children set up the parents for their deaths. “The two children sobbed for a long time, when the parents went up stairs George told Wendy he had a plan. “Help us, help…show more content…
This article also has stories from people live who can relate and tells you how to get and friend or a child out of addiction. How to prevent it from happening. There are many ways to cause addiction of technology. One of the number way of the cause of addiction is letting your child have as much screen time as they want. If you try to take that technology away from them they will go crazy trying to get it back. Like in the Veldt story, Dr. Mclean tells the parents about how smart peter can be and how he could change the nursery settings. The parents had that in mind when they shut off the

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