An Analysis Of The Hero In V For Vendetta

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The typical American monomyth portrays the image of a superhero starting off a normal life, moving into a supernatural one and becoming an icon which people look up to. They fight off evil villians and so the country feels safe and secure. They “save the world”. This was Joseph Campbell’s opionion on what a superhero was. Nowadays, a superhero rescues a damsel in distress, he saves the world and falls inlove.

The question people may ask is, is V in “V for Vendetta” a superhero or a villian. In my opinion V is not necessarily a superhero but he is a hero. V is not your typical superhero. Although he might save Evey, he does not fight evil and save the world. He fights for what he believes in and this may not be what other people believe in which may make people believe that he is a villian. People do not depend on him and they seem to be afraid of him, even though he is an actual human being with no superpowers.
Superman is your traditional superhero. He fights against evil, saves his damsel in distress and everybody loves him in the end. People depend on superman as he is their ‘hope’ for a safe world. They are not afraid of him even though he is a supernatural being.

In all the years, Superman stayed the same , but
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He wins the battle and everything is perfect in the end, except for the town being wrecked after the huge battle. In V for Vendetta the “superhero” dies. V is not super and so he was unable to stay alive. This is why we do not refer to him as a superhero. Superheroes can not die. V was a normal man who fought and died fighting for what he believed in. V, being a normal human without superhero powers, was not supposed to survive the accident where he got caught in a fire. He was supposed to die, but he was strong enough to stay alive so that he can fulfil his purpose and get his revenge. Once his “job” was done, he had no more meaning and so he did not have to live any
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