Vendor Excel Experiment Essay

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The objective of this experiment is to determine which vender is the best, A or B. In order to do this we first begin by organizing the numbers we have collected in ascending order corresponding to each Vendor. Once this has been completed you can see the range of each Vendor, which shows you their best and worst values. We then create a frequency table by using class intervals that equals the square root of the number of data points we collected. There were 100 data points collect so we create intervals of 10. Using the excel program we highlight the data points and proceeded to click under the “Charts” then bar graphs. Since there’s no actual way to create a histogram automatically we had to edit the spacing between the bars in order to make it appear like a histogram. This frequency histogram help us analyze which numbers occurred the most multiple times from the data collected from Vendor A and Vendor B.…show more content…
This graph was easier to graph as excel automatically makes the line graph for you. On each graph I edited the title, y axis, x axis in order to display the graph in a more presentable matter that would help the viewer understand it.
The last task needed to be done, was to find the mean, median and the standard deviation of each Vendor, A and B. The MEAN was simply the average, where you add up all the data points and then divided by the number of data points. The MODE was the number that was repeated more than any other number from the data points. The MEDIAN was the number in the middle which could be found once you organized them in ascending or descending order. STANDARD DEVIATION is the measure of how the data points are spread out, in order to calculate this you would square root the VARIANCE. VARIENCE is the average of the squared differences from the

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