Venetia Robertson's Suppositions Of Bronies

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Accusations implying Bronies are immature men or sexual predators provide enough rationale for outsiders to find contempt in these fans. Venetia Robertson suggests that many of these adverse reactions toward the Brony community result from, “an assumption that there is something sick, wrong, or ‘creepy’ about the way Bronies subvert expectations surrounding gender, age, and the consumption of media.” The “unnaturalness” of Bronies somehow merits the ridicule they receive because they supplant commonly held assumptions of gender.
Suppositions of “creepiness” that Robertson refers to are a contributing factor to the stigma surrounding Bronies. Drawing contrasts between the intended audience and a subsection of the audience who engages in the
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That paradox presents a dilemma for many people who cannot comprehend how gender is not a fixed definition and how people have a tendency to polarize their notions of gender.
One of the ways opposition to the fandom accomplishes this accusation of deviancy is by suggesting Bronies are the problem rather than the media text. Claims stating that the show is not meant for men are, as Jones indicates, a supporting point the opposition uses to rationalize their
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Ewan Kirkland acknowledges both the productive points of the fans while also showing compassion toward the community and the challenges they face. “While high profile media institutions have expressed revulsion towards this audience, more sympathetic commentators have pointed to the friendly inclusivity of the fandom, its creativity, and the ways in which Bronies are challenging the gender boundaries of popular culture
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