Vengeance And Vanity In The Trojan War

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The Trojan War begins in vengeance and vanity. It all starts when Paris the prince of a foreign land steals the bride of a king named Menelaus. To see why Paris choose to steal the bride of king which the act of doing so caused one of the greatest wars in history we have to look back a few years. Back first to the celebration of two nobles getting married. The King Peleus of the Myrmidons had just decided to get married to a sea nymph named Thetis. Many guests came to the wedding to the wedding including mortal and the Gods of High Olympus. One of the gods that had not been invited, Eris the goddess of discord, arrived with thirst for vengeance. When all she did was place an golden apple on a table and leave, people became confused. There was…show more content…
This was the wedding of King Menelaus of Sparta and Princess Helena. Princess Helena was known throughout Greece as the most beautiful of mortal women. Soon, just as Aphrodite had planned it, the news of Helena’s beauty reached Troy and just as it had arrived Paris had plans to leave and meet this beautiful woman. Oenone begged for him to stay and be with her but he did not listen and he never again visited Oenone. He begged his father and like alway he got what he want and set off for Sparta. When Paris and his party arrived in Sparta they were met by slaves as a strangers were and then cleaned themselves, put on new clothes and presented themselves in front of King Menelaus. He asked them why they there and they told him that they were there for shelter and food and Menelaus welcomed them kindly. They stayed there for many days. Paris spent many hours with the king's wife Helena and grew quite fond of her. Helena also grew quite fond of Paris and one day while the king was off hunting and Paris had made an excuse to stay back he offered to take her back to Troy to marry him and leave Menelaus. She thought over it and decided to go with him and leave Menelaus. This was what sparked the Trojan War and that the story of The Golden
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