Vengeance In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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How Vengeance Changes Edmond Dantes “I’ve instilled in your heart a feeling that wasn’t there before: vengeance,” (Dumas 58). In the romantic novel, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, three ‘friends’ who all wanted his good fortune falsely imprisoned the character of Edmond Dantes. The purser of the Pharaon, Danglars, wanted the position of captain. Fernand wanted to marry Dantes fiancé Mercedes. Finally the county prosecutor, Villefort, wanted to protect his name after he learned Dantes was supposed to deliver a letter to Villefort’s father, Noirtier, who was a supporter of Napoleon Bonaparte. These men framed Dantes, for being a Bonapartist, and sent him to the Chateau d’If. Here, Dantes almost went insane and found Abbé Faria, who became Dantes’s mentor and told him who betrayed him. Dantes promised that he would get back at the men who framed him after he escaped jail. After Edmond Dantes was falsely imprisoned, his thirst for vengeance against those that conspired to put him in jail caused him to become the cold and ruthless Count of Monte Cristo. “But if these envious people are among my friends, I’d rather not know who they are, because then I’d be forced to hate them,” (Dumas 26). Three ‘friends’ framed Dantes. Danglars, who was the purser of the Pharaon, wanted to become captain. Dantes was going to get…show more content…
This theme is important throughout the whole novel. The novel shows how vengeance takes over Dantes, leading him from a nice and naïve young man, to a cold and calculated person that wants his revenge. He starts off nice and well off. Then after he escapes prison he doesn’t trust people anymore and he does everything to further his own agenda. He uses people for his personal gain and creates aliases to help him get close to those that framed him. He learns about them and their secrets that he exploits to help him get his
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