Venice Day Trip

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Day Trips From Venice

Getting to other areas from Venice are easily accessible as the transportation infrastructure has greatly improved in Italy. Day trips from Venice attract the fine detailing and variety of Italy’s northern terrain.

The Dolomites Mountains

The Dolomites Mountains (Pale Mountains) is a set on the environment’s stage, filled with rocks, woods and pastures. It provides a wonderful retreat away from the city of Venice as a day trip in approximately two hours. It comprises of a mountain range in the northern Italian Alps. The World Heritage property introduces a visual sense of magic just by their steep jagged vertical peaks with their pink hues and lush greenery. Traverse the trails with either an organized tour, self-guided
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Don’t depart the island without stepping into a bakery and trying the local pastry, known as ‘bussolai buranelli.’

• Torcello

Arguably the most romantic of the three islands, Torcello has the distinction of having few inhabitants as well as being the oldest region of Venice. The lush green surroundings make the archeological findings seem all the more magical.

The most famous landmark, the Ponte del Diavolo or Devil’s Bridge leads to the Piazza Torcello which still maintains its floor made of glass. Founded in 639 AD, the Cathedral of Santa Maria will pique the interest of the visitor. It dedicates a large part of its mosaic, which is considered to be the first in the Venetian region, to Virgin Hodegetria and the Universal Judgment. The most famous inhabitant of this island is Ernest Hemingway, who spent time here in 1946 and particularly enjoyed drinking and dining at the Locanda Cipriani which is still open for business.

Getting to the islands: Fondamenta Nuov in Venice launches a 10 minute motorboat journey via the local vaporetto to any of the three islands.
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Attracting thousands of visitors, it is its stunning depictions of Biblical scenes that leave an impression including its standout achievement is the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament with an enormous mosaic depicting the Holy Spirit bathed in golden light. Known to the locals as “Il Santo,” dedicated Catholics make pilgrimage to this Basilica every year, which is one of the eight international shrines that are recognized by the Holy See. The University of Padua is a well-respected in this university town. Galileo was once the head of mathematics at this prestigious learning facility.

For art lovers, visit the Cappella degli Scrovegn which features frescos from the 14th century by Giotto. There are also several canals to take scenic trips down to get the full experience of the ancient town.

Getting to Padau: Trains run regularly for ½ hour ride from Venezia Santa Lucia to Padau.


Verona is mentioned in more than one of Shakespeare’s plays and obviously the city left its mark on the playwright. Many of its sights still make an impression and at only 75 miles away, it one of the best day trips from

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