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Newton, M. (2003) “The FBI encyclopedia”. United States: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers.
In World War II, the ASA worked with the FBI on a project called “Venona,” the eavesdropping on the Soviet Union and their partners. The National Security Agency was formed when Venona was separated from the U.S Army. Since the separation the Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, felt as though the NSA was hiding something. In 1970, President Richard Nixon decided to bring the FBI, NSA, and the Central Intelligence Agency into one big rule under the control of the White House. However, Hoover declined and became part of the other agencies. The author doesn’t explain why he quit but produces the suspicious thought that the NSA has been hiding
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The wiretapping program is used to collect data that is transmitted on a network and allows the government to eavesdrop without a warrant. The use of this program is easy for the NSA to snoop and allows the government to eavesdrop without having to present a warrant. President George W. Bush had addressed this program as a crucial part to the National Security Agency, yet this announcement led to the wild growth of the NSA’s power. The NSA took advantage of the program and used it to spy on the conversations between foreign nationals, U.S. citizens, and international communications. However, curious of the program and questioning President Bush’s speech, a group from the U.S. senate decided to look into the situation. “The Department of Justice closed the investigation due to the inability of getting certified security clearance required to investigate more of the legal implications of the…show more content…
They mention the agency’s new wiretapping program and the constant suspicion that the agency is hiding something. The “FBI Encyclopedia” and “NSA wiretapping program” explains the suspicion on the NSA since World War II to the present day twenty- first century, while “Rep. Ellison Statement on Allegations of NSA Spying on Muslim-Americans” talks about how the NSA spies on Muslim-Americans when there was no wrong doing. This article uses the position of other nations/ races and how they are affected through these programs. However, all three articles come to a conclusion to make points about the National Security Agency being sneaky with something and their actions going beyond their
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