Ventilator Associated Phenomenon: A Case Study

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1. Introduction Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) is severe complication among patients with mechanical ventilation (ventilator) occured 48 hours or more after intubation and initiation of ventilator.It is common infection and potentially fatal (Chulay 2005), onset occurs within 48 to 96 hours of intubation (Pruitt & Jacobs,2006). Ventilator associated pnuemonia bundle is prevention strategies approach in intensive care unit apply to patients on ventilator underlying chronic illnesses with respiratory problem or neurological problem which lead to respiratory distress. Ventilator care bundle are composed as preventive strategies for preventing the incidence and prevalence of VAP and improving outcomes of patients (Pruitt & Jacobs,…show more content…
The articles were peer- reviewed and evidance based practice. 3. Finding of the literatures review Ventilator associated pnuemonia and ventilator bundle approach is important aspect in patient safety. Implementation of this bundle has shown to improve less infection of hospital accquired infection among patient with ventilator. One group of authors.(McCarthy,Santiago and Lau, 2008) had done descriptive quantitative research via systematic review of literature using eletronic databased search from 1997 to 2007 and the researchers describes the ventilator bundle interventions had reduced the risk of VAP. It reduced ventilator days, length of stay in ICU and decreased mortality rates and significantly success rates associated with compliance of the nursing staff and collaborative…show more content…
Active implimentation strategies should include staff education and clinical reminder to improve compliance. Therefore CNS and APN need to strive on improving education, clinical skills and leadership ability to coordinate and manage then evaluate the outcomes on implimentation evidance based. Therefore, CNS and APN is calling to improve continuum quality of care framing a framework, measure on quality , safety and cost outcomes to refine development of evidance based in the organization and impliment policy to strengthen the implimentation of evidance

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