Venus And Adonis And The Rape Of Lucrece By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare’s dad was a glove maker who held a number of public government offices in Stratford.
William Shakespeare attended grammar school where he learned the beauty of literature.
Shakespeare was maybe caught in a lover’s where he left the woman he impregnated for his true lover Anne Whateley.
He then started writing poems in the years 1592 and 1593 because of the plague that shut down theaters. Some poems were Venus and Adonis as well as The Rape of Lucrece.
Greene, an educated professional writer, attacked Shakespeare by saying he could not merely write, which put people into speculation that he did not write all his own works.
In Shakespeare 's book of Sonnets, many of his sonnets are meditations on the destruction of beauty and the passage of time.
From 1601-607, Shakespeare writes plays of dark powers like tragedy of love, age, and power.
William tended to play older men in his plays. He was an amazing actor.
James I gained a patent to Shakespeare’s company and was now royally sponsored. Shakespeare made a lot of money about 200 pounds a year!

The Stage
In the early sixteenth or early seventeenth century, there were street plays, where the platform was portable.
The costume that displayed the devil had a regular mouth and also one near its anus.
Inn-yards were sometimes converted into theaters to displays plays.
The first Globe theater was built in 1599 from the old wood of their previous theater.
Shakespeare had about a ten percent share of the Globe

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