Venus And The Lute Player Analysis

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The Venus and the Lute Player was created by Tiziano Vecelli(o), also referred to as Titian. This piece of art was created on a canvas using oil circa 1565-1570. The artwork was made in a style similar to that of a portrait. The background is portrayed as a nature scene with only the left half of it exposed. The middle ground is composed of a red curtain which creates the division between the background and the foreground.
The foreground consists of a lute player, the goddess Venus, and a baby angel. The lute player is playing the lute while looking at Venus, as if trying to court her, while Venus, nude yet covered in jewelry and surrounded by elements that represent beauty (the violin to her right and the recorder in her left hand), is looking the opposite way and being crowned by the baby
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Along with the colors used, Titian uses these people as a way of also evoking emotions within the observers. Within the background, in the center of the painting is a musician leaning on the trunk of a tree while playing an instrument similar looking to the lute. To the right of this musician there is a group of people to the who seem to be dancing together in a circle. These people expressed in the piece are most likely enjoying themselves and having a good time, in which this act alone would tie back into the emotions by being a means to evoke the emotions alongside the colors used by Titian.
The lute player along with Venus may also tie into the emotions. The lute player is looking at Venus as if he is fawning over her and trying to gain her attention. This expression mixed with the deep reds used can convey the idea of romance to the observer. Titian was able to brilliantly use the human body along with specific colors in order to bring forth strong emotions within the observer. Using both the human body and the colors together created the ability to make the painting have stronger meanings to those who observe
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